16 suspects in custody over city muggings


Police have arrested 16 suspects and recovered 200 mobile phones and 8 laptops among other valuables believed to have been stolen in muggings within Nairobi’s central business district ….



  1. These are just gadgets under repair, police should stop harassing technicians in the name of mugging, who on earth would steal all those phone and then sit with them in a workshop in town?

  2. The OCPD and citizen TV must verify what they air first.
    Can they show on air the serial numbers to those phones so that the owners can go claim..or someone will collect use them, (rem late pro. saitoti phone was found with a police officer later after chopper crashed..).then the technician is left to pay the owners..police have in 3 months collected many phones under repair and never to be seen.once you prove the phones were not stolen, why do phones n laptops collected as exhibits again not given back yet money has been paid..
    where ware the phones collected from, who are the complainants … he his asking pple' to go and be complainants..
    they invaded phone business places to collect clients phones under repair, cameras as well.some of those they say are muggers are phone owners who were awaiting to get screens fixed..a bruto police where they behave like kanjo court..you just agree or charges will be doubled
    just like miguna's case, no search warrant, no police identification,
    the muggers do it in day light in presence of traffic cops but does nothing..

  3. …Hi sir R .Thuku, n kindly advise Nairobians on wat to do Incase something is robbed, as some don know the identity of their gadgets, yet they use them daily, n don report under such circumstances.
    Thax our police na wakubwa.

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