7 Best Earbuds [In Ear Headphones] In 2017 Under $100


Tired of listening to the same old muddy, annoying sound coming out of your phone’s stock earbuds? Having problems listening to the sound of your favourite music and have a good time?

Guess, it’s time for a change- An affordable and great change.

Here are some of the best earbuds of 2017 under $100 that won’t bust your bank and sound royally good!

Bose Sound Sport Earbuds– Best Earbuds Of 2017

Bose-Sound-Sport-Earbuds-600x600 (1)

Bose Soundsport earbuds aim to provide complete audio clarity to users. As the name implies, Bose’s Sound sport earphones have been built keeping in mind people who like to workout or commute while listening to music.

Doing a sound test on the Soundsport earbuds reveals a lot of interesting things. Firstly, you will hear a crisp and clean audio that doesn’t sound muddy at high frequencies.

The Soundsport integrates treble, mid and bass sounds seamlessly into the mix. The high frequencies i;e treble won’t leave your ears ringing even if you go on a listening spree of your favourite jams while the midrange is pretty decent.

Further, the bass has a bit of depth in it, making these earbuds ideal for playing multiple genres. But, all being said, the detailing on the treble range could have been more.

It tends to compress the range between louder and softer sounds and can’t bring out the subtleties in the music.

So yeah, there is not much in the store for audiophiles who would want the earbuds to capture every nuance of music clearly. Not to mention these earbuds lack a noise isolating feature which can play spoilsport in external locations.

Rest assured, most people outside the purview of audiophiles will certainly dig the sound and find it smooth and endearing.

The Soundsport earbuds sit perfectly in the ear canal and can be used for long hours without any problems. The construction is durable enough to endure rough usage.

That implies users can put them on when they are working out or taking an early morning stroll. Some features such as a decent inbuilt microphone to help users answer calls on the go is a plus for workaholics.

Moreover, these earbuds have an auto turn-off feature that is another nice addition for those who doze off while listening to music.

Our take: Sound sport is the best workout earbuds and is naturally designed especially for sports savvy people, those who are on the move most of the time will love them.

In the sound department, these earbuds deliver a smooth sync of sounds rendering a clean and power-packed performance for most users. However, they are prone to external noise, which ruins the overall sonic experience. Also, the price factor plays a spoilsport for these earbuds are quite expensive.

Marshall Mode Earbuds: Great Sound under $100


Marshall is traditionally known for its classic amplifiers and speakers, but with the introduction of Marshall Mode earbuds, it’s going to give its counterparts especially 1More and Bose a jolly good run for the money.

The Marshall Mode earbuds can play any genre with ease and grace from rock, extreme metal to hip hop and reggae. We didn’t find any blurriness with the bass; it sounds slightly boosted in a good way and provides more depth and richness to the low frequencies.

Think about listening to some nice, iconic bass lines off Blur. Coming onto the highs or treble, they sound clear and fine without any piercing sound that so many other earphones in this price range are guilty of.

At times though, the treble may get a bit too bright and distorted when listening to soaring guitar melodies/solos with a lot of gain on.

But, that’s something that only audiophiles with sensitive hearing can discern and it can certainly be overlooked thanks to the mods that are mellow, weighty and give a fuller and rich sound.

Nothing sounds processed letting the users feel a natural flow of sound. All in all, Marshall Mode earbuds provide a warm tone ideal for listening to music.

There are some flaws related to the design though. First off, there is no volume slider/control button which would have been great. The Marshall Mode has only one button that handles everything from track skipping, play/pause to voice commands.

That sadly doesn’t work efficiently enough and leaves the device confused with a slow response rate (especially Android devices) when the user pushes the button. Keep in mind, the flaw in the design doesn’t affect the fit; the Marshall Mode ear buds are comfy and sit just as fine in the ear canal and can be worn for hours on end without any pain or hassle.

Lastly, the jaw-dropping price is what makes the Marshall Mod a good value proposition for money. With rich textured sound and only a little compromise on design, these earbuds should be on a music lover’s radar if they are seeking best sounding earbuds that doesn’t compromise on sound quality.

1MORE Triple Driver Earbuds– Best overall sound experience


Packed with a powerful and innovative design, 1More has launched Triple Driver Earbuds keeping in mind the needs of common music lovers.

These are the best earbuds for bass-heavy genres songs such as hip-hop, EDM, and yeah dubstep. We figured the rich and groovy bass sounds will surely be a plus for an ambient musical experience. But, that doesn’t mean they are not good for playing other genres.

If you carefully listen, the treble frequencies also get a sonic boost by these earbuds. So, yeah you can derive the maximum pleasure from all those guitar riffs at full blast.

All in all, with a couple of equalisation tweaks on your music player, you can play various genres ranging from rock, metal to hip-hop and jazz!

Now, coming onto the comfort part, we were a little disappointed with the fitting ability of the earbuds.

Don’t get us wrong, they fit in quite easily and feel comfy when you are still, but the moment you start moving around they have to be constantly adjusted to keep a tight seal. Overall, we get the impression they are not the best deal for a person who commutes or does a workout while listening to music.

Given a low price tag of under $100, these earbuds without a doubt sound better than most that are over this range. We were particularly impressed by the rich, textured sound at such an affordable price.

No matter if you’re listening to The Killers’ groovy basslines or Alex Turner’s deep dreamy voice, the Triple Driver is the best bass earbuds that will definitely make you lose yourself in the music !!!

Sennheiser Momentum Earbuds– Most Affordable Deal


Sennheiser returns to action with its new range of earbuds called “Momentum” aiming to provide an immersive experience to users who want a crystal clear sound at pocket-friendly rates. For starters, these earbuds boast of an intense bass range and a lightweight, slim design.

Although they can’t really be categorised as “high-end” earphones that deliver brilliant sonic pleasure, the Momentum earbuds do have an excellent sub-bass response as well as a good treble presence.

The treble, however, at times can sound a bit bright and even lead to static, but that depends on the music you’re listening to.

For instance, if you are a fan of thrash metal or metalcore, then you might hear a screeching sound occasionally as the distorted guitars mess up the high frequencies. Coming to the mods, this is where a little more work should have been done by Sennheiser.

The midrange sounds a little timid/bleak due to maximum focus laid on enhancing high and low frequencies. So, they are not meant for big devices such as amplifiers or audio processors.

Nevertheless, the overall texture and tone of the sound remain great throughout. The Momentum earbuds will sound amazing whilst listening to EDM, hip hop and trance tracks.

Being very small in size and handy helps these earbuds to easily fit into ear canals and even your pockets.

Their strong point remains an attractive price tag that is very affordable for those who want an easy replacement for earbuds that came packed with their phones/mp3 players. Also, through the inbuilt microphone, users can shuffle between making calls and listening to music seamlessly.

Shure SE215-K– Budget Sound Isolating Earbuds


If you are looking for an earbud that is easy on the pocket then Shure’s brand new offering, the SE215-K, might be what you’re looking for.

It comes off as an extremely affordable, sound-isolating earbud that claims to prevent outside noise from disturbing users’ complete audio listening experience.

If want the best noise cancelling earbuds then Shure SE215-K is the right choice for you!!!

With a noise prevention range of 37 dB, these earbuds tend to drown out external disturbances.

No matter whether you are in a crowded market street or a metro station, these earbuds cancel out all external sounds giving users an immersive experience. We reckon they are the most suitable for people who want to concentrate on their work while listening to some music.

Speaking of music, the audio quality is quite pleasant. You can hear a well-balanced sound across various frequency spectrums.

Bass lovers will surely go gaga over the audio quality which sounds solid and natural without any forced feel. The mids are clear and pronounced whereas, the high-frequency treble sounds smooth without going over the top with any irritating tinny sound.

The result is a nice “surround sound” experience that won’t leave you disappointed. It’s a thumb up from us in the sound department considering the entry-level price.

The SE215-K earbuds, it seems to do a fairly good job when it comes to keeping the wires uncluttered. Thanks to a sleek over-the-ear design, tangling of wires won’t be a problem even if you’ve kept them in your bag.

However, we feel Shure could have spent more time on the design. The over-the-ear design could be a dampener for users who would rather prefer traditional earbuds. The weird design needlessly enhances the size of these earbuds and can ruin the overall listening experience for users.

AKG Y20U Earbuds– Best Earbuds Under $50


If you’re on a really tight budget and want a dirt-cheap alternative to your phone’s stock earphones- look no further than AKG’s Y20U earbuds.

On the sound front, these earbuds handle high frequencies quite well. We could hear the treble range clearly and if anything it sounded mellow.

The bass notes had a clean boost to them and at no point in time did they overwhelm the treble or mids. But, just like a cheap price range has its benefits, it has some downsides too.

The Y20U earbuds do compromise on the detailing in the highs and low notes, which is frankly discernible. At high volumes, an intense bassline sequence may pave the way for some overpowering moments over guitars and vocals.

Still, pop, rock and trip-hop music can be jammed with these earbuds.

The Y20U’s fit in your ears majestically. With a lightweight curved design, these earbuds fit securely against the outer earlobes making them apt with no need of adjustment on the user’s part.

So, however fast you are walking or jogging down the road, these earbuds won’t come off. Additionally, these they come with a single-button remote that performs the twin functions of being a play/pause button and mic.

We were sold on the value for the price that these earbuds offer. Besides being affordable and nicely fitting, they don’t sound bad. Well, don’t expect a great sound given their price range, and you surely won’t be disappointed.

Brainwavz Delta– Best Fitting Earbuds


There are many earbuds that are cheap and sound great, but only a few of them can deliver the punch in the “fit” section. Brainwavz’s Delta earbuds take the cake for being one such pair. It also helps that these earbuds come at a throwaway price.

The Brainwavz Delta earbuds fit perfectly with various ear sizes and shapes. That is, they have the perfect seal and can be worn for a number of purposes- from gym workouts to early morning jogging sessions.

Now, forget about the times when you have had to constantly adjust your earbuds to drown in some aural pleasure.

Coming to the sound part, Brainwavz’s Delta is blessed with a well-balanced sound signature. They can pump out a great sound with nicely defined highs and mids.

The bass range is a bit weak and muffled, but it is evenly balanced by a slight treble boost that gives a clear and robust sound to the music without losing clarity in guitar riffs, lyrics, or snare hits.

Regardless, we strongly feel Brainwavz could have done more with rectifying the frequency bumps in the bass range.

The brain wave delta earbuds comprise of a minimalist design and are quite lightweight. One of the wires has the usual two-button remote- a volume booster, and a pause/play option. In summary, these are the best earbuds for the people who are looking for a very buyable pair of earbuds that sound alright and marginally superior to their stock earbuds.