BAPL invites buyers for land area in Aerotropolis project


The Bengal Aerotropolis Projects Limited is one of the largest aerotropolis development project companies in India. The prime objective of the company is to identify specific project areas for aerotropolis and develop it accordingly.

The Aerotropolis development project in the Durgapur Asansol area of West Bengal comes up as a very impressive venture which is largely interrelated to the socio- economic development of the state. Developing a project of such a large magnitude requires a portfolio of strong investors who already have a benchmark in the industry.  BAPL certainly fulfills this criteria in every way and the project has been planned keeping all the requirements into consideration.

Already, the land in the project area is up for offer and many of the leading companies from India are interested for investment opportunities.  Alchemist Township India Limited which is one of the largest real estate developers from the country have already bought 20 acres of land in the project area.  This stands out as quite a significant deal as the company will focus on residential building development with budget homes.  This is the first and foremost entry of the company in the high end residential segment of east India.

Affordable homes are quite necessary in any country or state as it highly benefits the middle income group. This will highly benefit the customers who are in search of a home at a cost effective price range.  An area of 2.4 million square feet for developing housing complexes in the area has been identified which will take the aspirations of the project a long way forward.

The entire socio economic development of the area will undergo a major change with such a project in place.  BAPL is always looking forward to welcome investor opportunities for its designated project and the acquisition has been termed as quite significant in every way.

As the Managing Director of the company Partha Ghosh has managed the activities of BAPL leading from the front and has elaborated about the acquisition as quite a commendable thing. With years of formidable experience in the real estate sector of India, he has taken the group forward with his apt skills and leadership qualities. Today, the group is executing one of the largest infrastructure projects in West Bengal and the executional skills of Mr. Ghosh are highly appreciated in the industry. As one of the largest industrial entities from West Bengal,  BAPL has come a long way in achieving its various goals.

Source by bengal aerotropolis