Kalonzo now says Odinga oath was illegal


Kalonzo says he is however ready to take oath

Kalonzo: We knew Raila would be arrested after oath

Kalonzo spoke in Kamba at a meeting in Stony Athi

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  2. I don't support Raila's swearing in, but I am even less supportive of deceitful people. Raila at least meant what he said, and therefore presented people with clear option to either stand with him or against him. Kalonzo will be wasting his resources running for president

  3. So disappointed in you, na vile ulikuwa unalia Miele ya watu jamani when Raila was defending you eti you have a sick wife. Wewe ni msaliti haki leo ndiyo nimemalizana nawewe.

  4. Hon Kalonzo must realize that it is not about any other thing. By failing to swear in as VP means Kenyans must sift their blame and burden from the Luos as it has been said following their Kenya's Independence dialogue failures.

  5. He's a coward that only cares about his selfish interest and not millions of Kenyans whom are yearning for change in the country,, what a bitch nigga! 😁😁😁

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