MP Ngunjiri Wambugu files petition seeking to oust CJ Maraga :: Kenya


Nyeri Town Member of Parliament Ngunjiri Wambugu has launched a bid to oust Chief Justice David Maraga from office.

Ngunjiri says that Maraga exercised a judicial coup by annulling the presidential election, and that he has substantive evidence to support his claims.


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He also added that CJ Maraga had undue influence on the other Supreme Court Judges, who ruled that the August 8 elections were null and void.

According to Ngujiri, one of the Supreme Court Judges, Mohammed Ibrahim, was forcefully stopped from participating in the ruling contrary to claims that he had been unwell some days to the actual Supreme Court verdict.

The Nyeri MP remarked that there is evidence that Maraga exerted undue pressure on the rest of the judges to make the judgement they did.

He pointed out his wish to seek audience with the Judicial Service Commission to immediately commence the process of ousting the Chief Justice.

The court’s declaration that the August 8 election was void shocked many in the East African nation and abroad.

But his announcement, after a 4-2 vote by a court panel to annul the vote, didn’t surprise those who know the Chief Justice.

“We knew this case was coming and he was the man to hear it,” Professor Tom Ojienda, who worked with Maraga and sits on the Judicial Service Commission that appointed him Chief Justice said.

 “He is a stickler for the rules.”


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President Uhuru Kenyatta, who was expected to be sworn in for a second term until Friday’s Supreme Court ruling, said he respected the decision. But he took a swipe at Maraga’s colleagues, calling them “crooks” and saying the judiciary needed fixing.

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