The Real Reason Small Business Owners Don't get Rich


Cash Cow Accounting is an outsourced bookkeeping process designed to help business owners from 2 to 100 employees – get rich. It works because every time we can take the owner out of low value work (bookkeeping is low value) and get them to focus on creating wealth (sales is high value) the business prospers. You can not get rich doing low value work, there are NO exceptions. Rich is being in the top 1% of all households, that’s $350,000 annual income and $1,500,000 in net worth. We are dedicated toward building business owners into that 1% club.

You CAN get rich owning your own business. Your business can generate positive cash flow – quite possibly becoming a virtual cash cow that only requires your time a few hours a week and still puts you in the top 1%. I’m going to show you how.

Now, getting rich and creating a virtual cash cow business won’t happen unless you know the ONE most important rule of business. However, I won’t just give you that rule – you have to discover it for yourself. Blabbing out some words of wisdom is like throwing water on a ducks back, it rolls right off. But you’ll find the ONE rule right in front of you many times over the next year.

First thing to know today – it is not easy to get rich, but it is fun and any one can do it. The biggest obstacle you face is one of real estate. Not the location of your building, but the real estate between your left and right ear. To make it to the 1% you’ll need knowledge, wisdom and the guts to take bold actions.

Here is the first step in getting to the 1%. Every night before you go to bed, make a list of the 3 things you should do the next day that will have the biggest impact on your business one year from today. Make the list before you go to sleep. In the morning tape the list on your PC and every time you think of it, look over at the list and ask this one question. “Is what I’m doing right now the most important thing I could be doing?”

Do this every day for the next week, and you’ll start acting like a CEO, not the busiest and hardest working person in your company. So as we say in Wyoming when its time to go into action “Lets Ride.”

Source by KC Truby